«KM 28 presents Nowhere Street»
Dienstag, 11. Jun 2024, 16:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

KM 28 presents Nowhere Street

Werner Durand's monthly radio show Nontemporary Music draws on Durand's vast personal archive of recordings, drawn from his explorations of traditional musics and minimalism from the Downtown scene, and collaborations with the likes of David Behrman, Arnold Dreyblatt, C.C. Hennix, and the late Amelia Cuni.

Speechless or More

1. Хыммыл by Огулджан Атаханова, Аннасолтан Тувакова (Traditional Music of Turkmen People, Melodiya M30 46339 2. Sonance Project by Reese Williams 3. Aha by Anne Gillis 4. Proteinimperialism by Bo Anders Persson 5. End by Annea Lockwood & Harvey Matusow

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