«Archipel Stations» special broadcast
Dienstag, 30. Jun 2020, 15:00 bis 01:00 Uhr

in the spirit of the archipelagic thought, blending a variety of content, formats and languages produced all over the world.
Archipel Stations

Archipel Stations Community Radio goes on air hosting a full day of programs at Cola Bora Dio (88,4FM in Berlin and 90,7 FM in Potsdam) in the spirit of the archipelagic thought, blending a variety of content, formats and languages produced all over the world. The program included ideas and sounds of all places and traditions, music, storytelling (fictional and non-fictional), art pieces, readings, podcasts of sociopolitical, ecological, comic, therapeutic, scientific, artistic and experimental content, and much more. Many live transmissions will take place from different places, i.e. Brumadinho Brazil, Berlin Schönenberg, Berlin Britz, Taipeh in Taiwan, The Hague in the Netherlands, Oliveira de Azeméis in Portugal and Lima in Peru…..

(CET) Titles 12:00 S4NTP perspective(s) 15:00 Calladitas no más Ting Bu Dong Ghost Stories 16:00 S4NTP delocalized 17:00 A Little Elephant on the Moon 17:30 Living Ecology Library Tristan Tricks 18:30 Radio otherwise La Clé des Champs 19:30 Comme à la radio 22:00 xabu 22:30 Radio Concrete 23:00 Nomad’s Wanderlust 02:00 Comme à la radio List of shows (in alphabetical order): Calladitas no más. ES, 30 Min Calladitas No Más is much more than a podcast. We are a space of sorority that is in charge of sharing stories and exploring various themes in order to inspire and celebrate all our Latin American sisters. Our priority is to create a space where our guest feels comfortable and validated enough to share with us and our listeners. This episodes’ guest: Ivonne Torres credits: Alexandra Oduber, Cristina Castrellon & Dayra Cowes

Comme à la Radio. EN/FR, 150 Min / 60 Min Comme à la radio, rien que de la musique, rien que des mots, juste un peu de bruit pour combler le silence, n'aillez pas peur ce sera tout à fait comme à la radio. Like on the radio, nothing but music, just words, just a little noise to fill the silence, do not be afraid it will be just like on the radio. The show presents music pieces that exceed the usual radio format (c. 3 minutes) with an accent on long duration pieces. credits: Niko de Paula Lefort & various artists

Ghost Stories. CH/EN, 3 Min Episode 1: " Eleventh Floor". Series of narratives collected in Taipei around the notion of ghosts. credits: Marianne Jacquet

La Clé des Champs. FR, 7 Min Writing and sonic communal project proposed and activated by Isa Fouillet. Redirected from our collaboration with Radio Camarada. credits: Isa Fouillet

Living Ecology Library. EN/ES, 60 Min Performative readings of selected excerpts from books in my Living Ecology Library. credits: Ela Spalding

A Little Elephant on the Moon. 30 Min, EN. Radio reading of the children's book "A little elephant on the moon". credits: Christina Kyriazidi

Nomad‘s Wanderlust. EN/DE, 120 Min. Hommage to all styles of music. Not just world dance music, but also modern soul, reggae, disco, jazz and funk, as well as psychedelia. Core tempo from 80 bpm to 120 bpm. credits: DJ Nomad & various artists

Radio Concrete. EN/HE (and others), 30 Min. Radio Concrete is an ongoing experimental sound project which combines field recordings together with radio broadcasting. t is an exaggerated interpretation of sounds that we are exposed to every day in the public and domestic spheres, often in passing or involuntarily. Fresh raw materials including field recordings of our everyday routine, samples and loops from tv & radio, news editions and advertisements are all gathered on a regular basis and then mixed together with live radio broadcasting. The radio show attempts to capture the busy modern lifestyle together with the daily news & events, tragedies and political discourse next to advertisements and entertainment. credits: Hagai Izenberg

Radio otherwise. EN, 60 Min. Monaí and Kate in conversation remotely about radio, ecology and cybernetics. credits: Kate Donovan & Monaí de Paula Antunes

S4NTP delocalized, 60 Min S4NTP delocalized: a 1-hr live concert on air. With the Republic111 and Utopia series, the Society For Nontrivial Pursuits (S4NTP) has quite a backlog of network music performances since 10 yrs. For the first time now, we play together without being in the same room: a multiple-living-room-concert, powered by Bruno Gola’s brand new OSC Router. This software module allows our computers to musically converse with each other by exchanging ultra-lightweight, ultra-fast messages about each single sound element, while each of our computers renders its own – slightly different – version of our musical dialog. credits: Society For Nontrivial Pursuits

S4NTP-perspectives. Various languages, 60 Min S4NTP perspective(s) : heard, recorded, crafted, generated, composed, spoken, shared from Taipeh in Taiwan, Berlin in Germany, The Hague in the Netherlands, Oliveira de Azeméis in Portugal and Lima in Peru….. credits: Andres Ortega, Anne-Sophie Schmidt, Anne Wellmer, Assunta Alegiani, Cagil Ozdemir, Jung Hsu, Kailun, Lisa Maria Steppacher, Marcel Schwittlick, Nikoloz Kapanadze, Pedro Ferreira & Özcan Ertek

Ting Bu Dong. CH, 17 Min Ting bu dong ( I hear you but i don't understand). Collection of sounds that can be heard every day in China today. They reflect my emotions in China, where there is always a barrier between me and the environment. I’m there but I do not belong. The locations are Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, and roads in the province of Gansu in the direction of Tianshui, Lanzhou and Xiahe. credits: Laura Fong

Tristan Tricks. EN, 5 Min Ex-leading members of post-punk Mexican underground darling band Candy moved to Berlin and created dark-pop synth-wave indie-pop duo Tristan Tricks. 'Common Ground' is the first single from their upcoming genre-defying debut EP drenched in identity struggles and tragic optimism. credits: Tristan Tricks

xabu no. 3., 30 Min mixtape with some yet to be discovered new names of Brazilian music/ songwriting. curated and edited by Lea Taragona and Victor Negri.


Gustavo Infante - Vórtex Bel Medula - Pança Cheia e/ou - Canto da Terra Daniel Liberalino - Olho de Touro Felipe Neiva- Mata Atlântica Gabriel Gorini - A Palavra da Criança AIYÉ - O Mito e a Caverna Juliana Perdigão - Dúvida 1 Lucía Santalices - Bote Rakta - Rodeados pela Beleza credits: Lea Taragona, Victor Negri & various artists.

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