«KinderFilmUni on air» mit Irma
Montag, 18. Mär 2019, 16:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

Die Sendung der Kinderfilmuniversität der Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen "Konrad Wolf".
KinderFilmUni on air

KFU-Auftakt 2019

Kinderfilmuniversität Potsdam

For a few weeks each year children at the age from 9 to 12 living in or near Potsdam have the possibility to attend lectures about different domains of film production. The presentations take place at the localities of the three different co-operation partners, which are the academy of film and television “Konrad Wolf”, the Museum of Film in Potsdam and the cinema “Thalia Arthouse”. Mainly hold by professors of the academy, the lectures are specifically designed to meet the needs of the young audience. Film clips, the displaying and usage of equipment, small exercises and discussions with the children are integral parts of the lectures as means to vividly illustrate the subject matters as well as to take the children’s lesser attention span into account.

Founded in 2007 as the first of its kind in Europe, the film university for children was created to both foster media literacy in an early stage and call attention to the numerous possibilities of occupation that Potsdam has to offer in the area of media productions.

The project is complemented not only by a competition to encourage the children’s creativity, but also by a group of young reporters, so that the participants are given the opportunity to comment on the lectures and to hold interviews with the professors.

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